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Artist Song Other games
Try The 21st Impact
Acid House Kings 7 Days
Acid House Kings Say Yes If You Love Me
Blinded Colony Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Pelle Carlberg Riverbank
Closer Open Casket
Defleshed Grind & Rewind
Down and Away Black and White
The Duskfall Shoot It In
dyF1.6 Zon
El Caco A Nice day
El Caco Substitute
F.K.Ü. Die Toten Core
Frame Forever Train
Insense I, Deviant
Joy Serene Pure and White
The Legends Lucky Star
M.A.N. Last Injection
man.machine.industry The Hunt
man.machine.industry To Hell and Back
Marilyn Manson Cruci-Fiction In Space
Path of no Return Later That Night
Searing I Empty Threats
South Ambulance Die 5 Times Times 5
Sparzanza Going Down
Stained Red It Won’t Stop Bleeding
Tomahawk Captain Midnight
Zonaria Rendered In Vain
Elmer Bernstein Summer’s End (To Kill A Mockingbird)

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