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Hariba Radio

Artist Song Other games
Freemangg High Flyer Kick
Lithium Project Acid Drop
Mr. SOS Bionic
Delinquent Habits Common Man
Wrong Kong Real Boy
Ursula 1000 Star Machine
Popular Damage Everybody Got Young (Fukkk Offf Remix)
Sohodolls Right And Right Again (Allister Whitehead Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco It's The Beat
Curve Hell above water DiRT 3; MotorStorm
MIDIval Punditz Dark Age

Gator Rock

Artist Song Other games
The troggs Wild thing Mafia 3
Primal scream Dolls (Sweet rock N roll)
The Kinks All day and all of the night
Primal scream The 99th floor
Unnatural Helpers Sunshine/Pretty Girls
Sohodolls Bang Bang Bang Bang
Lowood Close To Violence
Phoenix 1901 Forza Horizon, Motorstorm, NBA 2K13, APB
Iggy pop The passenger
The Rifles The Great Escape
Ramones I wanna be sedated
Motor City Devils Hey Sailor
Monster magnet Powertrip Big mutha truckers 2, Motorstorm
Taddy Porter In The Morning
Splitside Wake Up
V-Twin Delinquency
Pretty Whores Midnight Showdown
Bad religion Social suicide
Bonafide No Doubt About It
Atari (Think Music Original) HipHop 10
Surfer Blood Floating Vibes
Scott Ledger Gravity Won't Win
Atari (Think Music Original) Rock 11
Me My Head White Lights
Valley Lodge Naked City
Acrylics Innocence
Metric Gold Guns Girls FIFA 10, APB
Modesto I Wonder If This Happens To Our Friends
Winnebago Deal Heart Attack In My Head
haista vittu

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