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PS1 versionEdit

Artist Song Other games
Rob Zombie Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) Twisted Metal 4, Gran Turismo 2 (Hot Rod Herman Mix), Twisted Metal (2012), Jet Set Radio
Econoline Crush Sparkle And Shine (Throttle Mix)
Econoline Crush Nowhere Now (White Out Mix)
Econoline Crush Surefire (Avalanche Mix)
E-Z Rollers Cop Theme
Dom & Roland Chained On Two Sides
Dom & Roland Thunder
Überzone Botz (Synthetik Remix)
Jeff van Dyck Sweet Baby
Jeff van Dyck That's Grouse

PS2 versionEdit

Artist Song Other games
Morphadron Feisar-3
John Morgan Dark Path SSX (2012) (Mt. Eddie DLC)
Hein Hoven Sledcrazed
Overseer Supermoves Need For Speed Underground, Gran Turismo 3, TOCA Touring Car Championship
Hein Hoven Frankenhein
Sulpher Disintegrate
Morphadron Morphic Dreams

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