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Artist Song Other games
Run-DMC It's Tricky (K-Rec Remix) SSX Pretty Lights Remix in SSX, original in Don King Presents: Prizefighter WWE 2K16, The Hip Hop Dance Experience, Forza Horizon 3, NBA Baller Beats
BT Smartbomb (Plump's Vocal Mix) WipEout Fusion
Hybrid Finished Symphony Juiced
Aphrodite King of the Beats
Mix Master Mike Board Burner
Huda Hudia System Overload (the Download)
Plump DJs Push EA Sports F1 2002
Space Raiders Song for Dot
Mix Master Mike and Rahzel Slayboarder
John Morgan Gin and Sin
Skank Shake What Yo' Momma Gave You
Rasmus Peaktime
The Forth Reality Detached
Shocore Bonecracker
Bif Naked Leader

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