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Artist Song Theme For Other games
Rumble Roses Project ft. Teresa James Yankee Rose Dixie Clemets original in GTA Vice City
The Killer Barbies Have Some Fun Candy Cane
Sota Fujimori ft. Yoshiko Look At The Sky Reiko Hinomoto
Akira Yamaoka Pluck The Roses! Evil Rose
Akira Yamaoka I'm Too Virtuous Miss Spencer
Sota Fujimori Whip Me Hard! Mistress Spencer
Becky B.E.C.K.Y. Becky
Yuka Kawahara Junction Rainy Blue Rowdy Reiko
Yuka Watanabe The Spirit Hawk Aigle
Chuji Nagoka The Imperial Carnival Killer Khan
Michiru Yamane The Thorn of Justice Noble Rose
Ayice Summer Memories Makoto Aihara
Mutsuhiko Izumi Dice Away Sgt. Clemets
DJ Nagureo Keep on Liftin' Anesthesia
Aisha Fate Aisha
Aisha No More Showbiz & Sista A
Sota Fujimori The Cutter Dr. Cutter & Dr. Anesthesia
Sota Fujimori THE MECH;MOTHER Lady X & Lady X Substance
Michiru Yamane Immortal Revenger Judgement & Yasha
DJ TAKA The Shadow Appears Bloody Shadow & Benikage
Des-ROW The Bitter Road The Black Belt Demon & The BBD

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