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  • One of the first six EA games with soundtrack, named EA Trax.
  • Versions from Xbox/GameCube/PC and PS2 are very different; the former was developed by EA Seattle, the latter by EA Black Box
  • Hot Action Cop's songs are much cleaner in this game than their commercially-available LP counterparts, which may be so sexually explicit that this game's versions are arguably better for being less offensive.
Artist Song Other games
Uncle Kracker Keep It Comin Project Gotham Racing 2
Bush The People That We Love
The Buzzhorn Ordinary
Course of Nature Wall of Shame
Hot Action Cop Fever for the Flava
Hot Action Cop Goin' Down on It
Pulse Ultra Build Your Cages
Rush One Little Victory
Matt Ragan Cone of Silence
Matt Ragan Bundle of Clang
Matt Ragan Flam Dance
Rom Di Prisco Cykloid
The Humble Brothers Black Hole
The Humble Brothers Brake Stand
The Humble Brothers Sphere

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