1,211 Pages

Artist Song Other games
Alexisonfire Young Cardinals
Cancer Bats Deathmarch
CKY Hellions on Parade
Disco Ensemble Golden Years
Dragonforce Heroes of Our Time Skate 2, Lollipop Chainsaw
Earl Greyhound Oye Vaya Need For Speed Nitro, Shaun White: Skateboarding
Green Day Know Your Enemy Shaun White: Skateboarding
Megadeth Peace Sells GTA Vice City, True Crime: Streets of LA
Metalpretty Wake Up! Wake Up!
Ministry & Co-Conspirators Keys To The City
MxPx Kids In America
Nickelback Burn It To The Ground WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2011
Papa Roach Into The Light
Priestess Raccoon Eyes
Rancid The Bravest Kids
Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane GTA Vice City Stories
Thousand Foot Krunch Fire It Up

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