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Artist Song Other games
Keith Clarke Use Da Slicks
Logo Radio
The White Noise Mr. Green
Baseborn Apologies
Hipshott All She Said
Catch 2 Thinker
Metric Monkey Disco
Metric Metro
Hijera Ten Thousand Eyes TrackMania Sunrise
Sensha and Snare Tripitaka's Theme
Sensha and Snare Kenetix Crazy Frog Racer
Sensha and Snare, Natalie Jane Richards Be With You
Sensha and Snare Deeper and Deeper
And A Thousand Elephants Over Me
The Zico Chain Preach
The Group Dynamic Thought For The Day
U‑ON Geisha Rerun
Shawn Hargreaves Dubadebedoom
Shawn Hargreaves Psynn

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