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Artist Song Other games
Outkast Bombs Over Baghdad The Hip Hop Dance Experience, Saints Row IV
B-52's 52 Girls
Pennywise Wouldn't It Be Nice
Jurassic 5 Great Expectations
Face to Face Icons
Static X ft. Dead Presidents Hip-Hop Original in Skate
The Stone Roses Fool's Gold (Grooverider Mix) originals in Top Spin 3, GTA San Andreas, FIFA 04, NBA 2K8
Agent Orange Everything Turns Gray
Ten Foot Pole Racer X
Paris Break the Grip of Shame
Bad Brains Banned in DC Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, Saints Row
Fluke Absurd (Mighty Dub Katz Mix) original in World Cup 98
Newcleus Computer Age (Push the Button)
20 Minute Crash The CFB Song
Pailhead I Will Refuse
Fila Brazilia Bugs Bite Back
Deltron 3030 Positive Contact Whirl Tour, Tony Hawk's Underground, College Hoops 2K8
Apocalypse Hoboken Congested

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