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Artist Song Other games
APM Driving
APM Energize
APM Get Your Hands Up
APM Let's Ride
APM Standard
APM Thinkin' About Ya'
APM X Games
Damian Valentine All Of My Life
Damian Valentine Violate
Damian Valentine City Of Angels
Damian Valentine Pop Dat Clutch
Damian Valentine Gonna Go
Damian Valentine We Ridin'
Desert Mobb Speedway
J-Kwon Tipsy The Hip Hop Dance Experience, Get On Da Mic
Lil Kim The Jump Off Get On Da Mic
Rock 'N' Roll Soldiers Funny Little Feeling Gran Turismo 4, MVP Baseball 2005
Skinny Puppy Pro-test
Sleepy Brown ft. Big Boi Dooley Wop
Sonic Bling Break It Off
Twista Get Me
Twista Get That Doe (Ain't It Man)
Twista Kill Us All
Twista Y'll Know Who
Young L.O.R.D. 50 60 75

PSP VersionEdit

L.a. rush psp cover
Artist Song Other games
Twista Ya'll Know Who
J-Kwon Tipsy
DJ Rap Angel Dust

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