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Gang Starr was an influential East Coast hip hop duo that consisted of the late MC Guru and the DJ/producer DJ Premier.

Gang Starr
Game Song Year
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy Just To Get A Rep 1999
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Moment Of Truth 2001
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Mass Appeal 2002
GTA San Andreas B.Y.S. 2004
Juiced Guru- Cave In 2005
True Crime: New York City Full Clip 2005
25 To Life Code Of The Streets 2006
Skate Now You're Mine 2007
NBA 08 Above the Clouds 2007
GTA IV Who's Gonna Take The Weight? 2008
Skate 2 Step Into the Arena 2008
Skate It Step Into the Arena 2008
DJ Hero Just To Get A Rep 2009
NBA 2K16 Same Team, No Games 2015
NBA 2K16 Bumpy Knuckles & DJ Premier- More Levels 2015
NBA 2K16 DJ Premier- Bum Bum Bum 2015
NBA 2K16 Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier- Aeao 2015
NBA 2K16 Papoose & DJ Premier- Hold The City Down 2015

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