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Artist Song Other games
Adrenaline Adrenaline
Adrenaline Dead Inside
Central Supply Chain Are You Ready
Central Supply Chain Flatout
Central Supply Chain The Ever Lasting
Circa Alive!
Deponeye Anger Management 101
Deponeye Tick Tock
No Connection Burnin'
No Connection Living American
No Connection Love to Hate to Love
Sixer The Race
Subroc Close Window No Swear
Whitmore Nine Bar Blues
April Tears Little Baby Is Coming
Full Diesel King of Defeat
Full Diesel No Man's Land
Amplifire Drown Together
Amplifire Heartless
Amplifire Perfect Goodbyes
Splatterheads Fish Biscuit
LAB Beat the Boys
The Hiss Back on the Radio Tony Hawk's Underground 2
Agent Blue Something Else
Kid Symphony Hands on the Money
Killer Barbies Baby With Two Heads
Killer Barbies Down the Street
Tokyo Dragons Teenage Screamers

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