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Artist Song Other games
Fear Factory Demolition Racer (Instrumental)
Fear Factory Descent (Remix)
Fear Factory Descent (Instrumental)
Fear Factory Edgecrusher (Remix)
Fear Factory Full Metal Contact
Fear Factory Machine Debaser
Fear Factory Will This Never End
Cirrus Abba Zabba
Cirrus Break The Madness
Cirrus Stop and Panic ATV Offroad Fury, FIFA 02, XGRA Extreme-G Racing Association (Deepsky Mix)
Cirrus The Answer
Empirion Clear The Area
Empirion Demolition Racer
Empirion Gamma
Empirion The Dark Inside Me
Junkie XL Descent
Brujeria Los Ninos
Brujeria Pancho Villa
Coffee Boys Out Of The Woods
Coffee Boys Keep Steppin
Coffee Boys Catch Me If You Can
Coffee Boys Get Up

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