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Arcade / DreamcastEdit

Artist Song Other games
The Offspring All I Want
The Offspring Way Down The Line
The Offspring Change The World
Bad Religion Hear It
Bad Religion Ten In 2010
Bad Religion Them and Us
Bad Religion Inner Logic


Artist Song Other games
Pivit Fingercuffs
Pivit Middle Children
Too Rude The Distance
Total Chaos Let It Roll
Total Chaos What You Gonna Do


Artist Song Other games
Burn the Fields Escape Artist
Jonny Rumble Black Radio
Lions Lions Radiator
One Light Out Orange Wednesday
The Days The Nights Radical Sabbatical
The Hooks Get Out
The Juliet Dagger Flinch
The Juliet Dagger Taking It Back Ski-Doo: Snowmobile Challenge
The Juliet Dagger Ragdoll
The Vicious Five Your Mouth is a Guillotine
Theron Day The Chase
Three Against Four Jump, Bink!
We Are Invisible Spy Chaser

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