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Artist Song Other games
3rd Degree I Got It
Cities In Dust My Secret
Deux Process Take the Dance
Ellay Khule Needle Skippin
Exile Blamexile
GERM, Mighty Joe What It
Good Riddance Shame
Jupiter Hills Seasons of Change
Jupiter Hills Shepherds Calling
Jupiter Hills Pajerkabop
Jupiter Hills The Fool
Knonsense Sit Back, Relax
Les Savy Fav The Sweat Descends
P.O.D. Lights Out Forza Motorsport 2, Blitz Overtime
The Procussions Shabach
Redline 99 Get Down, Get Down
The Sole Vibe This Is For You
SYKO Syke Daddy
Traxamillion Hard In the Paint
Used With Permission Of The University Of California Big C
The University Of Memphis Go, Tigers, Go
J. V. Wilson Aggie War Hymn
Joel Leach Arkansas Fight
Wylbert Brown (Arranged band: Vincent R. Di Niro, Glenn A. Richter, Tom C. Rhodes) The Eyes of Texas
Claude Sammis (Arranged band: Ralph Guenter) TCU March
Joseph Hewitt, Douglas Ballin Fight! Blue Devils, Fight!
Georgetown University Program In Performing Arts Georgetown University Fight Song
Etheldred Lundry Sykes Yea Alabama
Thornton Allen, George Hamilton Orange and Blue
Mattie Boggs, W. P. Maddux Tech Triumph
Carlos Carazo, W. G. Higginbotham Fight For LSU
Washington State Couger Marching Band Washington State University Fight Song
Yale Precision Marching Band Yale University Fight Song
Permission of The University Of California Golden Bear Classic
Permission Of Charlotte Arena Operations LLC. Charlotte Arena

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