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Artist Song Other games League Overtime
Visionaries Pangaea Yes Yes
Visionaries If You Can't Say Love Yes Yes
Son Doobie U Wit That Yes Yes
Son Doobie Full Moon Yes Yes
Obscure Disorder 2004 Yes Yes
Felonious Funk, D. Styles Felonious Funk (A Trak Remix) Yes Yes
Rascalz Hit Em Up Yes Yes
Rascalz Jungle Yes Yes
Raskalz Cross the Line Yes No
Skindred Bruises Yes Yes
Skindred Pressure Project Gotham Racing 3 Yes Yes
Phifty-50 Let'Em Hate Yes Yes
Swollen Members Too Hot Yes Yes
Heavy Mojo Radio Yes Yes
Heavy Mojo So You Say Yes Yes
Heavy Mojo Streetz No Yes
Heavy Mojo Hood Rat No Yes
The Album Pistola No Yes
Danko Jones The Finger No Yes
E. Town Concrete More Than Incredible No Yes
Korn Coming Undone The Bigs 2, vs Dem Franchize Boyz — Coming Undone Wit It in NFL Street 3 No Yes
Daniel Tobiaski, Stefan Benfeler, Ben Lieber, Secret Agent Bill Outside No Yes
P.O.D. Lights Out Forza Motorsport 2, College Hoops 2K7 No Yes
(hed)p.e. Represent Yes No
W. Braunstein, J. Fuentes, M. Manzanilla, C. Martin, Non Phixion Rock Stars
Shadow Play Dirty Yes No
Suburb Thuggin El Pus Yes No
Fat Lip Today's Your Day (Watchagonedu?) Yes No
The Beatnuts No Escapin' This Yes No
Buck The Streets Yes No
Killing Zone All My Life Yes No
B Real Play At Your Own Risk Yes No

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