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Licensed MusicEdit

Artist Song Other games
Dead to Me By The Throat
Earl Greyhound S.O.S. Burnout Dominator, Madden NFL 08
Enemy You The Only One
Escape The Fate As Your Falling Down
Matchbook Romance Monsters Madden NFL 07
On The Last Day Meaning In The Static
Only Crime Tenebrae
Spitalfield On The Floor
The Classic Crime The Fight
It Dies Today The Sixth Of June

Original ScoreEdit

Artist Song Other games
Rob Warren Sounds Like a Lawnmower, Blistered Turtle, Bloated Corpse, Boomerangs, Hallowed Head, Jarring Flargen, Penguin Overload, Slip Signal, Chaotic Cannon Animals, Madame Zombie, Mister Jelly Spasm, Skeleton, Tiny Globule
Peter Lehman Big Hair Brigade, Chunky Monkey Funk

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