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  1. 1 Up 2 Down  Crawling
  2. 44 Long  Free
  3. A Small Victory  Amy Never Misses
  4. A Small Victory  Limousines and Cheap Cigars
  5. A Small Victory  Random Celebration
  6. Action Figures  Jamacian Man
  7. Acts 29  Blank Minds
  8. Acts 29  See Clear
  9. Acts 29  When the Smoke Clears
  10. Acts 29  Deja Vu
  11. After the Tragedy  The Beautiful Brand
  12. After the Tragedy  Choking on Shoelaces
  13. After the Tragedy  The Soul Burns the Body Decays, Pt. 1
  14. Allister  A Lot of Nerve
  15. Allister  A Study in Economics
  16. Amanaska  Distant Worlds
  17. Anadivine  Dangerous Mixed With
  18. Anadivine  Adding Insult to Injury
  19. Anadivine  Yes Sir, Mr. Machine
  20. Anberlin  Never Take Friendship Personal
  21. Anberlin  Paperthin Hymn
  22. Anberlin  Audrey, Start the Revolution!
  23. Anberlin  The Runaways
  24. Audio Assassins  Shake It
  25. Audio Assassins  Buckdown
  26. Audio Assassins  Make Some Noise
  27. Audio Assassins  Elbows
  28. Audio Assassins  Darkness
  29. B. Dastardly  Got It Good
  30. B. Dastardly  It's Over
  31. Bone Worship  Worm
  32. Boys Night Out  Healing
  33. Boys Night Out  Purging
  34. Brain Failure  Summer Afternoon
  35. Brain Failure  Played
  36. Brain Failure  Stay Free
  37. Brain Failure  Hangout Tonight
  38. Brandtson  C’mon Fascista
  39. Brandtson  Throwing Rocks Tonight
  40. Brandtson  Just Breathe
  41. Brandtson  Who Are You Now?
  42. Bryan Ingram  Ignite
  43. Cartel  Say Anything (Else)
  44. Cartel  Burn This City
  45. Cartel  Settle Down
  46. Casey Maxwell  The Quits
  47. Casey Maxwell  Far Too Long
  48. Cellphone Masses  Another World
  49. Cellphone Masses  Believe
  50. Cellphone Masses  Real
  51. Cex The Marriage
  52. Cex  Brer Rjyan (Instrumental)
  53. Chilldren Ov Paradise  Thrillseeker
  54. Coleon  Relax Ya Soul
  55. Collective Efforts  Define
  56. Collective Efforts  Doin' Alright
  57. Collective Efforts  No Worries
  58. Collective Efforts  Versability
  59. Copeland  No One Really Wins
  60. Cowboys & Monsters  Race Car Fire
  61. Cruiserweight  Possible
  62. Cruiserweight  Vermont
  63. Cruiserweight  To Be Quite Honest
  64. Cruiserweight  Goodbye Daily Sadness
  65. DJ Sonix  Booty Klub
  66. DJ Sonix  Needle Drop
  67. DJ Sonix  Full Stretch
  68. Da Diggler  Supa Powa
  69. Da Diggler Hands 2 tha Pump
  70. Danko Jones  I Want You
  71. Day at the Fair  Coda
  72. Day at the Fair  Who You Guna Believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes
  73. Daydreams & Curry  Faceless Shadow
  74. Daydreams & Curry  Gold
  75. Daydreams & Curry  The Chase
  76. Days Like These  One in One Thousand
  77. Days Like These  Bruises
  78. Days Like These  The Sergeant’s Son
  79. Days Like These  Preparation: Anxiety
  80. De La Vega  Let It Burn
  81. De La Vega  Buffalo Batter
  82. Demogorgon  Freezing Tree
  83. Detroit Escalator  Inline 6
  84. Digen  From the Outside
  85. Dignen  Blue
  86. Double-O-Steven  Satellite Transmission
  87. Eddie Meeks & Jax  Change Everything
  88. Emery  So Cold I Could See My Breath
  89. Emery  Miss Behaving
  90. Emery  Studying Politics
  91. Fashion Expo  How We Do
  92. Fashion Expo  The New Song
  93. Fashion Expo  Journey Through My Mind
  94. Fashion Expo  Traveling
  95. Fashion Expo  Dues for Cashews
  96. Fashino Expo  Clay
  97. Fashion Expo You Don't Know the Half of It
  98. Fashion Expo  Tight With Lasso
  99. Fashion Expo  Perceptions
  100. Fashion Expo  Lolly Pops
  101. Gatsby's American Dream  Game Over
  102. Gatsby’s American Dream  Golden Ticket
  103. Gatsby’s American Dream  Castaway
  104. Giles  Beane
  105. Giles  Attackin'
  106. Giles  Desk Seeking Spades
  107. Green Olive Tree  Fake (False)
  108. Greenleaf  10,000 Years of Revolution
  109. Green Olive Tree  Dagobah
  110. Green Olive Tree  Pull
  111. Halfway to Gone  Black Night
  112. Halifax  Sydney
  113. Halifax  Because Pillows Are for Sleeping
  114. Halifax  Anthem for Tonight
  115. Heiruspecs  A Tiger Dancing
  116. Heiruspecs  Something for Nothing
  117. Helix  Gutsucker
  118. Helix  Aklimatize
  119. Hellogoodbye  Call n’ Return
  120. Hellogoodbye Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn
  121. Hellogoodbye  Jesse Buy Nothing
  122. Hidden in Plain View  A Minor Detail
  123. Hidden in Plain View  American Classic
  124. Hidden in Plain View  Ashes, Ashes
  125. Home Team  I’ll Take My Chances
  126. Home Team  Place and Time
  127. Home Team  False Alarm
  128. Honeyroot  Sweet as Honey
  129. Honeyroot  State of Mind
  130. Houston Calls  Elephant and Castle
  131. Houston Calls  Exit Emergency
  132. Houston Calls  A Bottle of Red, a Bottle of Spite
  133. Houston Calls  High Rise
  134. Hypnos  Slipstream
  135. I Am the Avalanche  Dead and Gone
  136. I Am the Avalanche  Always
  137. Incendio  Delirium
  138. June  The City
  139. June  OK Corral
  140. June  I've Got the Time If You Have the Argument
  141. Khromozomes  Sausage
  142. Khromozomes  Track 13
  143. Khromozomes  Kick
  144. Khromozomes  Potato
  145. Khromozomes  Tomato
  146. Khromozomes  Studio
  147. Khromozomes  Sushi
  148. Kristin Mainheart  Cary Grant
  149. Kristin Mainheart  Gonna Make It
  150. Kristin Mainheart  Tramp (Remix)
  151. Kristin Mainheart  Chomping
  152. Kristin Mainheart  Same Name in Gold
  153. Kristin Mainheart  Stranger Things
  154. Lojique  Case Logic
  155. Lojique  Instramentalude, Pt. 1
  156. Long Since Forgotten What She Said
  157. Long Since Forgotten  Some Sort of Meaning
  158. Lorene Drive  Lip Service
  159. Lorene Drive  Change of Occupancy
  160. Lovedrug  Pandamorando
  161. Lovedrug  Rocknroll
  162. Lucien Nicolet  Kdance
  163. MG!  Understanding
  164. MG!  Reglitta
  165. MG!  Bumpiddy Bump
  166. MG!  Latinos
  167. Man of War  Verbal Junk
  168. Massive Power...  Hard Drive
  169. Mewithoutyou  Torches Together
  170. Mewithoutyou  January 1979
  171. Mewithoutyou  Disaster Tourism
  172. Micropworld  BC Style
  173. Minamina Goodsong  Sally
  174. Minimum Soundtrack  Swat Team
  175. Minimum Soundtrack  Big City at Night
  176. Miss Lonely Heart  Digital Imagery
  177. Miss Lonely Heart  On a Train Up a Tree
  178. Miss Lonely Heart  West
  179. Miss Lonely Heart  Transit
  180. Miss Lonely Heart  The Notes That Matter
  181. Morsel  Needle
  182. Mount Sims  Restless
  183. Mount Sims  Good Service
  184. Mount Sims  No Yellow Lines
  185. Nakoi Kenji  Extra Mile
  186. National Fire Theory  Too Young to Die
  187. National Fire Theory  Sick the Alarm
  188. Nightrage  Release
  189. Nightrage  Reality vs. Truth
  190. Nightrage  Phantasma
  191. Omega Watts  422 Burnside
  192. O’Brien Parker  Is It Real?
  193. O’Doyle Rules  Died Smiling and a Failure
  194. O’Doyle Rules  Lesson Learned
  195. O’Doyle Rules  Mexico
  196. O’Doyle Rules  The list
  197. Paint It Black  Ghosts
  198. Paint It Black  Atheists in Foxholes
  199. Paint It Black  The New Brutality
  200. Perfume Tree  Blink (Black and White)
  201. Pete Miser  Table Scraps
  202. Phatheads  Rock On
  203. Please Mr. Gravedigger  Wales
  204. Please Mr. Gravedigger  Rocket Science
  205. Please Mr. Gravedigger  The 9 to 5
  206. Ponticello  Wondering Blues
  207. Psyche Origami  Wherever You Are
  208. Pugwash & Bizzy B  Tutti Frutti
  209. Puny Human  Witches Chasing Cabs
  210. Puny Human  The Toos
  211. Raging Family The Ill Track
  212. RedCloud  Ridiculous Junk
  213. RedCloud  When Kenpo Stikes
  214. Rob Simonsen  Breathe
  215. Sackcloth Fashion  Strange Chemistry
  216. Secret Society of Dead Dreamers & 1 Million Mysteries  Hey
  217. Secret Society of Dead Dreamers & 1 Million Mysteries  Kaboom Baby
  218. Secret Society of Dead Dreamers & 1 Million Mysteries  OK
  219. Self Against City  All This Time
  220. Self Against City  Take It How You Want It
  221. Sharkey  If It Fits
  222. Sharkey  Here We Are
  223. Tears From the Sky  Nailed Down
  224. Tears From the Sky  Power Symbol
  225. Tears From the Sky  The Next Few Days
  226. The Glasspack  The Glasspack Song
  227. The Dirtball  Not Afraid
  228. The Glasspack  Bridge Burner
  229. The Chemisty  Still Alive
  230. The Glasspack  Hydroplane
  231. The Track Record  Winters Run
  232. The Kite-Eating Tree  Hollywood Hates You
  233. The Dirtball  This One
  234. The Goodwill  Live From the Red Carpet
  235. The Giraffes  Haunted Heaven
  236. The Chemistry  From Within
  237. The Dirtball  Bulldoggin’
  238. The Rocket Summer  Around the Clock
  239. The Rocket Summer  Brat Pack
  240. The Loved Ones  Massive
  241. The Ducky Boys  Fight
  242. The Ducky Boys  Break Me
  243. The Loved Ones  Candy Cane
  244. The Ducky Boys  Pass You By
  245. The Crow  Monkey
  246. The Junior Varsity  I'm Home, Hooray!
  247. The Giraffes  Million $ Man
  248. The Volumes  So Long
  249. The Junior Varsity  Get Comfortable
  250. The Forecast  These Lights
  251. The Forecast  Late Night Conversations
  252. The Forecast  Seating Subject to Availability
  253. The Forecast  Fade In, Fade Out
  254. The Junior Varsity  Mad for Medusa
  255. The Ducky Boys  Boston, U.S.A.
  256. The Track Record  Letters to Summer
  257. The Kite-Eating Tree  Softer Seems the Pavement
  258. The Kite-Eating Tree  All Swedish, No Finish
  259. The Kite-Eating Tree  Sighs of the Curator
  260. The Kite-Eating Tree  Hope Is a Passenger
  261. The Kite-Eating Tree  Like Butterscotch
  262. The Giraffes  Wage Earner
  263. The Goodwill  Live and Die on Li
  264. The Goodwill  Your Friendly Ghosts
  265. These Arms Are Snakes  Darlings of New Midnight
  266. This Providence  Everyday
  267. This Providence  Catching My Breath
  268. This Providence  Our Flag Is White
  269. This Providence  Any Romantic Fairytale
  270. This Is Exploding  Stop
  271. This Is Exploding  Mourning
  272. This Is Exploding  Without a Fight
  273. Throttlerod  Marigold
  274. Throttlerod  Tomorrow and a Loaded Gun
  275. Throttlerod  In the Flood
  276. Time to Fly  Give Me Some Morphine, I'll Go 
  277. Time to Fly  Seemingly Grey
  278. Time to Fly  Birth
  279. Time to Fly  I Went Out to Colorado in 1972
  280. Time to Fly  Things You Don't Need to Know
  281. Time to Fly  You Will Not Communicate
  282. Time to Fly  Locked in and Hopelessly Fighting
  283. Trystero  Faster Now
  284. Trystero  Him and Her and Him
  285. Trystero  Come and Get It
  286. Trystero  Birthday
  287. Tub Ring  The Promise Keeper
  288. Tub Ring  Habitat
  289. Tub Ring  We Are the Righteous
  290. Tub Ring  Sharpening the Sticks
  291. Tummer  Shooting Blanks
  292. Underøath  A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White
  293. Underøath  Young and Aspiring
  294. Underøath  Reinventing Your Exit
  295. Underøath  It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
  296. Veloce  Regardless
  297. Viva Caramel  Friday Night
  298. Viva Caramel  Option 3
  299. Waking Ashland  I Am for You
  300. Waking Ashland  Medication
  301. Whole Wheat Bread  No Future
  302. Whole Wheat Bread  Overrated
  303. Woke Up Falling  21 Miles into Kansas

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