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Artist Song Other games
Finger Eleven Good Times SSX 3
Finger Eleven Other Light
Finger Eleven Conversations
Cauterize Killing Me
Cauterize Choke
Boysetsfire Handful of Redemption Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003, MVP Baseball 2003
Boysetsfire Rookie Whirl Tour
Seether Fine Again Madden NFL 2003
Socketzero Point A
Socketzero Friendly Fire
Socketzero Pretty Neat
Socketzero Slurp Slurp
Socketzero Yuiop
Socketzero Pear Spawn
Socketzero Drop
Socketzero Gated Baby
Squidd A Matter of Time
Squidd Small Drift
Squidd Don't Stop Now
Squidd Slip Away
Squidd 7 8 9
Squidd Just Like That
Squidd At the Kiosk
Squidd Ten Men
Squidd Girls's Got a Gun
B711 Hoax
B711 Re; Union
B711 GFDs
B711 Never Even Knew
B711 Kill Kill Kill
B711 Beat Me Beat Me
B711 Ocho
JP Buttah
JP Nachos!
JP Osmo
JP Get Off
JP Freeze
JP Thumpr